Come launch with us on the third Saturday of each month at Veteran's Memorial Park in Alamogordo! 





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September 16 Launch at Veteran's Memorial Park

Alamogordo, NM


Mvc-001f.jpg (58004 bytes)

Theresa and Chelsea Jordan and Calvin McCarty setting up an Estes mosquito on an A10


Mvc-003f.jpg (46140 bytes)

Lisa McCarty getting the lowdown on how the launch control panel works.


Mvc-004f.jpg (55235 bytes)

Calvin posing with his mosquito.


Mvc-005f.jpg (59152 bytes)

Big Mike prepping a Loc Onyx while little Mike hams it up.


Mvc-007f.jpg (40220 bytes)

Bob Turner getting ready to launch one from his fleet  on a G motor.


Mvc-015f.jpg (47216 bytes)

The launch site as seen from the observation tower.  Hopefully we'll get the roof panels in place sometime soon and have some permanent shade.