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Mike McCarty's ATV project

Three shots of the ATV payload. Left pic shows 1.5 watt, 430 MHz transmitter with a video overlay board mounted on top of it to the left. At bottom is a 6 volt nicad pack. GPS patch antenna is mounted on top of carrier. Center photo shows GPS receiver in top bay, other battery pack in bottom bay with Basic Stamp II in between. The Basic Stamp parses the data from the GPS receiver, reformats the data and sends it to the video overlay board which overlays callsign, time, latitude, longitude, course and direction on the transmitted video. Right hand shot shows how the different assemblies are recessed in the plywood carrier. Carrier fits nicely into a LOC 3" BT. Camera wasn't yet installed for these photos, but was later mounted in blank area above GPS receiver.

Fins are made of 1/8" birch ply with a layer of carbon fiber on each side. After laying up the carbon fiber on the birch I cut out the fin shapes with a table saw and affixed them to a LOC 54mm MMT. I then laid another layer of carbon fiber across the MMT tip to tip on the fins. Right hand photo shows plywood stringer added to give the launch rail button screws something to bite into.

Left photo shows stack of assemblies to be mounted inside booster BT, From bottom: fin can, antenna section built into coupler (note brass dipole, hard to see), ATV package, coupler/bulkhead with ring for chute. Center photo shows booster with BT installed. Right photo shows entire rocket. Gray payload section is bolted together at center. Electronics bay at center holds altimeter for dual deployment. Drogue comes out at white/gray transition, main chute comes out from under nosecone.

BT being glassed to fin can. This is where I am at the night of 9 Sept. Hope to have it ready for 16 Sept launch.

Sept 10. Finished fiberglassing booster. After the glass on the fins cured overnight I used a Dremel tool to grind the excess back to the original fin edge. I sanded everthing to get rid of drips/runs and to give the second coat something to adhere to. I then laid up the remaining section of body tube in 2 wraps of 6 oz glass and gave the fins another coat of resin. After four hours or so with everything still tacky I put another coat of resin on the entire booster. The extra coats of resin allow me to sand everything to a smooth finish without sanding into the layers of fiberglass.


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