Come launch with us on the third Saturday of each month at Veteran's Memorial Park in Alamogordo! 





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Tripoli New Mexico - White Sands, TRA Prefecture #61

Spaceport Model Rocket Association, NAR Section #488

Made possible by American Legion Post 34

Our events are always open to the public!  If you are curious, please come out to see what it is all about.  If your children have model rockets be sure to bring them along!  (The kids as well as the rockets).  Our launches are safe, fun activities for the entire family.  We maintain the launch site at Veterans' Memorial Park for the entire community to use, so please come on out to one of our launches and make yourself at home!

Monthly Launches

Who:  All ages and experience levels are welcome.
When:  Third Saturday of each month from 9:00 a.m. until Noon-ish
Where: The Launch Site is part of  the Veterans Memorial Park developed by the American Legion Post #34 and Post members.  The Park is west of Alamogordo in sparse desert scrub.

Regional Sport Launches

Thunder in the Desert is a two-day regional sport launch attended by rocketeers from Oregon to Lousiania and beyond.   The Launch Site will be at the Veterans Memorial Park west of Alamogordo in sparse desert scrub.

High Power Certification Testing

Level II certification written testing session may be arranged with Hugh Malcolm, our local Tripoli Prefect.

Launch Site Capabilities


10,000 ft. Above Ground Level FAA Waiver
Tripoli safety code limits flights to 8672' due to proximity of private residences
We working on positioning away pads that that would allow for up to 10,000 ft AGL, contact us if you have a need for altitudes in excess of 8700 ft. All motors to be flown must be currently certified by NAR or Tripoli.
No motors used singularly or in combination shall exceed 2,560 Newton-Seconds without prior approval from RSO
All Range Safety Officer rulings are final.


2 racks with 6 each 1/8" & 3/16" launch rods;
8 medium pads with 3/16" & 1/4" rods;
6 heavy duty pads with launch rods up to to 3/4".
Special launchers welcome.
Twelve volt relay, flash bulb safe launch system used.
PA system and use of range radios.


Tripoli Prefect       Hugh Malcolm  (505) 434-5441

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